Goalie Training

New to the sport?  We offer FREE beginner programs for all ages!

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Goalie Training

*Reservation required for all classes except the Saturday free instructional - Please call 24 hours in advanced to reserve your spot at 408.226.6111.  
For paid classes, payment is due at time of registration. Be sure to check-in at the desk to get your sticker before proceeding to the rink.

Class Schedule from Monday, October 16 - Saturday, December 30, 2017.
* Please note we will not be having Class on Saturday, August 26 due to USA Floor Ball Tournament. 

Type of Training    





FREE Youth Recreational Goalie Class 4:15pm-5:15pm 18U New  FREE
Intermediate/Advanced Goalie Class 4:15pm-5:15pm 18U Interm-Adv $40
Intermediate/Advanced Goalie Class 4:15pm-5:15pm 18U Interm-Adv $40
Intermediate/Advance Goalie Class 4:15pm-5:15pm 18U Interm-Adv $40

Free Youth Recreational Goalie Class

This class is intended for the goalies that are at beginner skill level, or have never played before and are currently enrolled in the Youth Recreational League. Goalies attending this class will be taught by Dave Inouye and other experienced goalie trainers. This class focuses on basic skills and stamina. The class will cover footwork, angles, agility, rebound control, and flexibility. Please note: goalies are only allowed to attend this FREE class a maximum of ten times.

Classes are divided by age group and will rotate every other week. This will coincide with the 10-week Youth Rec League Schedule. A schedule will be provided to all goalies in the youth recreational league with specific class dates.

Class Schedule:

Goalie Classes

We offer goalie classes for goalies of all ages and skill levels to sharpen their skills and improve their game.

** RESERVATIONS are required for all classes -- please call to reserve a spot at 408.226.6111.

This class is taught by Yoshi Chai, who is the lead goalie instructor at the Plex. This class is intended for more experienced goalies. This level of training is more intense for this class compared to the Free Youth Recreational Goalie Class. Coach Yoshi helps you focus on the specific areas your game may be lacking. Because of the time and consideration Coach Yoshi gives with each player this class is limited to the first four goalies to sign up.

Please note: Monday and Thursday classes are intended for intermediate level goalies with 1-3 years’ experience, the Tuesday and Friday Classes are intended for intermediate to advanced level goalies with 2+ years’ experience.

*please reserve a spot 24 hours in advance to ensure the class does not get cancelled!