Rollerfly at the Plex



Rollerfly is now approved for use at the Silver Creek Sportsplex with the following conditions:

All Rollerfly plates are only to be used on the pads. No homemade plates or sliders or other solvents or oils or tape may be used on pads. Only the Rollerfly product may be used after inspection of the Rollerfly by lead referee Rob Herbst or Yoshi Chai before use. The plates will then be given an approval sticker to be placed on the inside of the Rollerfly that will need to be reissued every 3 months after inspection or Rollerfly that it continues to be in working order. After which the goalie may use the Rollerfly in games if the goalie:

  1. Declares use of Rollerfly to referee before the game.
  2. Shows sticker of certification on Rollerfly that is to be changed quarterly after approval
  3. Rollerfly is to have all parts. Straps, rollers, and clips.
  4. Only the plastic (indoor) balls are to be used in the Rollerfly and all spaces for balls on the plate must have a ball in place.

Please assist the staff in making this transition in rules an easy one as it changes that can be positive for goalies in play and in health. But we must have everyone on board who wishes to use the Rollerfly and comply with the rules that are set up for its use.

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