Can I make payments per class instead of paying monthly?

Access to the Martial Arts classes is paid monthly. There is currently no option to "Drop In" to class. The first class is always free.

If I miss a class can I make it up on another day?

Martial Arts classes are not paid per class, but as a monthly "membership" to the Dojo (Martial Arts training hall). All classes are already included in monthly tuition. Planned absences, extended absences, and emergencies can all be credited by extending the tuition renewal date.

I’m a Silver Creek Sportsplex member do I receive any sort of discount?

Members of Silver Creek Sportsplex receive a $20 discount on monthly tuition.

Can I enter the classroom and help/guide my child if he/she needs help?

The classroom is for students and instructors only. If a child needs to "take a break", they will be directed out of the classroom where parents can be waiting.

Can I stay in the classroom in case my child needs me?

The classroom is for students and instructors only.

What happens if a class is canceled by the instructor?

In the event a class must be canceled, the instructor will notify everyone by email as soon as possible.

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