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Our classes teach values like respect, honor, and discipline in a way no other activity can match. Our instructors are dedicated professionals who are not only experts in their field, they love teaching children.

Our classes grow with young people, and keep them constantly challenged and involved. The depth and variety of our program promises endless experiences in martial arts, and the discovery of something for everyone.

No waiting for belt promotions—test when you are ready!

Waiver requirement: a waiver is required in order to participate. If you do not already have one on file with us, please click here to fill it out ahead of time. For participants under 18 years of age, the waiver must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

Private instruction (individual and small group) available upon request.

We Teach... Kitsune Ryu Bujitsu


Our system is shaped by a wide variety of traditional martial styles:

TAE KWON DO – From Korea, translated as “Way of the Hand and Foot” or “Way of Punching and Kicking”. We utilize kicking fundamentals, sparring concepts, and a wide array of Olympic coordination and kicking drills to produce martial artists with superb kicking, balance, and foot coordination.

JUJITSU, JUDO, AIKIDO – The unarmed combat arts of the Japanese Samurai teach adaptability of technique as the source of victory. Our study of the “soft” techniques spans over 4 styles of Jujitsu, along with Judo and Aikido, and includes joint manipulations, throws, strangulations, grappling, and escapes from various grabs. The ability to fall and roll stems from these arts. The level of “Ju” and “Aiki” practiced in our system is unsurpassed.

ESKRIMA, KALI, ARNIS, SILAT – The various weapons and empty hand styles of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia give us the training models for non-stop movement. The use of single baton (machete, sword), double baton, single knife, short staff, and flexible weapons (towel, handkerchief), spans over 9 different styles of these arts.

Kitsune Ryu Bujitsu is NOT a “sampler platter” or “intro” to these styles, as many other schools are, but a highly refined, completely integrated study of ALL these styles.

Welcome Packet/Family Handbook

Our Family Handbook is a great introduction to our Martial Arts Academy.