LOL Parties

LOL Catering

We pride ourselves on having the best party food in town! All our food is prepared to order at our on-site restaurant, High Five at the Plex. You may bring your own birthday cake, but no other food or beverage items are allowed from outside.


Once you've booked your party, we'll put you in touch with High Five at the Plex so you can discuss your menu options. Food will be purchased directly from High Five.



Bottomless fountain beverages are included for the children in your party.  Additional beverages will be purchased from LOL Parties. When finalizing your party details you will be asked to place your beverage order

Fountain Drinks (included for children in party): 

Bottled Water ($1 per bottle):

100% Fruit Juice ($40 per case): 

* There is no charge for pitchers of tap water.
​* Prices subject to change without notice.