Please join us in our efforts by making a donation to the Silver Creek Sportsplex Foundation. Your generosity will help provide scholarships to young people who could not otherwise afford to participate in athletic programs. The small cost of helping our youth now, we believe, will provide the groundwork for a new generation that knows the value placed on their well-being.

We award grants on a case by case basis. Typical grants range from $50 to $1,000. Typical expenses awarded funding include: uniform costs, league or team fees, equipment replacement, skills development classes, and training camps.

Please use your paypal account or credit card to make a donation to The Silver Creek Sportsplex Foundation.


We would like to acknowledge the following donors: 

Family and Friends of Lisa Fisher Fred Shiota John Tortora
Mitchell Martineau Gitta Turelinckx Karen Seale Edward Szylko Jennifer Johnson
High Five at the Plex Glen Mangseth Susan Fernandi
Silver Creek Sportsplex Ann-Marie Haun Debra Hansen
Lisa DeKay Jay Chesavage Christina Hill
Linda Lico Ann Wade Kimberly Meade
Kim & Steve Rooks Larry McVoy Hall and Rambo/YA Tittle
Paul Vincze David Taylor South Bay Construction
Betty Ravel Ken DeVore SOS Steel Co. Inc.
Sheetoo Parikh Tara Spaulding Links for Life
Linda Baum Teresa Peachey Devcon Construction
David Quarels Wendy Sollazzi The Johnson Family